Housing a Winchester Royals player can create lifelong friendships between the player and the family he is living with. In order to house a player, we ask that your home have a separate bedroom for the player so that they have their own space. Sharing a bathroom is fine. We also ask that you open your other living space to the player by providing pantry and refrigerator space and use of your kitchen. Our team washes the uniforms for the players, however, we ask that they use your laundry facility for their everyday clothes.  Please also provide linens and towels for your Royals player.

The team provides some meals after games as well as snacks before the game. The host family is not obligated to provide meals for players, however, it is a nice gesture to do so when the opportunity arises. The players are often away at games during the evening hours.

The season begins the first part of June every year with players arriving Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. The regular season lasts until the end of July. Playoffs begin immediately at the end of regular season play and can last for another 10 days. The team remains in town as long as they win. The regular season includes 42 games. The players play/practice 7 days a week with a few days off during the summer. The entire league observes July 4th as a holiday.

If you are interested in housing a player, please email Trae Vickers using the contact form below.

Host Family Interest and Information

Thank you for your interest in being a host family. Our housing coordinator will be in touch with you as soon as possible.