Grand Slam Super Package                           $2,500*

Includes: Buy-A-Night, Foul Ball, Fence Sign, & Web Cast sponsorship packages. Will receive special recognition.*$2,250 for a renewal sign


“Home Run Package”                                      $1,200/$1,000

(includes first right of refusal for Foul Ball Sponsor) 
Fridays and Saturdays are $1,200. Buy-A-Night for your business or organization to be recognized at the ballpark. (More than one business or organization may combine to sponsor a night for $1,200/$1,000). Open the gate for all to enter, 
promote products with special giveaways or get tickets to distribute as best suited. 
(Nights are subject to availability)

Game Day Foul Ball Sponsor                        $200
3 Games For                                                      $500

All foul balls hit out of the playing area may be kept by the fan who catches it. Your sponsorship will be announced each time a foul ball leaves the playing area. Retail price of game baseballs is $6.00 each. (Subject to availability • Limit 12 games/season plus playoff games if available)

Bonus Tickets
“The Double Package”                                    $500

400 individual tickets (a $2,000 Ticket Value) for a specific game or for any regular season home game with your company or organization listed on the tickets.

Bonus Tickets 
“The Single Package”                                      $200

100 tickets. (a $500 Ticket Value)

“Real Ballpark Flavor”                                    $1200
Outfield Fence Sign 

A 5 x 15 foot outfield fence sign gives season long exposure. Includes special recognition by PA announcer at each home game, and ten 20-game tickets or 200 single-game tickets (at $5.00 each, a $1,000 Ticket Value). The price of producing the sign is included in this offer. A three year commitment is expected. 
*Consecutive years are priced at $750 if using the same sign.

Front Fence Sign                                               $600 
A 3’ x 5’ front fence 

(near the field entrance) provides season long exposure. Includes special recognition by PA announcer at each home game and 100 single-game tickets. 
(a $500 Ticket Value)

Renewal is $450 if using the same sign.

Web Cast Sponsorship                                    $100
Only 10 available

Sponsor all Winchester Royals’ Home game web casts. Each sponsor will be mentioned at least four times/game as the “Web Cast” sponsor for all 22 home games plus playoffs.

Call to the Bullpen                                           $500
Only 1 available

Sponsor will get P.A. and web cast mentions each time a relief pitcher is brought into the game (visiting and home team) for all Winchester Royals home games.

Program Sponsor                                              $100
Includes 1/4 page black and white advertisement in each home game program. Approximately 75 printed per game.

Program Sponsor                                              $175
Includes 1/2 page black and white advertisement in each home game program. Approximately 75 printed per game.