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Hello baseball fans, families, and friends! We are in need of new team transportation, and need your help. Our current bus has broken down several times over the past few years and caused missed games and added stress to our players and coaching staff. Our board has voted and agree it's time to step things up and give our players a new bus! Every single dollar donated will get us one step closer to a new bus for next season. Let's show our support and prove to our organization what an awesome community is capable of.

Are you loyal... To the Winchester Royals... Are you loyal...

sponsortheroyals@gmail.com The Winchester Royals are a member of the 11 team, summer collegiate wooden bat Valley Baseball League, National Alliance of College Summer Baseball. The Valley Baseball League is endorsed by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and sponsored in part by a donation from Major League Baseball. Although the NCAA no longer has direct involvement with summer leagues, the Valley Baseball League still operates under NCAA rules.

Thank you so much for viewing our page and helping us reach our goal to purchase a new bus! We truly appreciate all that everyone does for us on and off the field! More information about Winchester Royals Inc: The Royals Organization Shall Be Exclusively For Charitable Purposes, Including Such Purposes As Operating A Summer Collegiate Baseball Team And Making Distributions To Organizations That Qualify As Exempt Organizations Under The Internal Revenue Code. We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, so your donation can be used as a tax deduction!

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