Become a Sponsor

If your business is interested in sponsoring the Winchester Royals please email us to learn more about the available opportunities. 


Sponsorship Opportunities


Please email if interested in aligning your business with the 13 time Valley Baseball League Champions. Thank you for your support!


Grand Slam Super Package                           $2,500*

Includes Buy-A-Night, Foul Ball, Fence Sign, & Web Cast sponsorship packages. Will receive special recognition.*$2,250 for a renewal sign


“Home Run Package”                                      $1,200/$1,000

(includes the first right of refusal for Foul Ball Sponsor) 
Fridays and Saturdays are $1,200. Buy-A-Night for your business or organization to be recognized at the ballpark. (More than one business or organization may combine to sponsor a night for $1,200/$1,000). Open the gate for all to enter, 
promote products with special giveaways or get tickets to distribute as best suited. 
(Nights are subject to availability)

Game Day Foul Ball Sponsor                        $200
3 Games For                                                      $500

All foul balls hit out of the playing area may be kept by the fan who catches it. Your sponsorship will be announced each time a foul ball leaves the playing area. The retail price of game baseballs is $6.00 each. (Subject to availability • Limit 12 games/season plus playoff games if available)

Bonus Tickets
“The Double Package”                                    $500

400 individual tickets (a $2,000 Ticket Value) for a specific game or for any regular-season home game with your company or organization listed on the tickets.

Bonus Tickets 
“The Single Package”                                      $200

100 tickets. (a $500 Ticket Value)

“Real Ballpark Flavor”                                    $1200
Outfield Fence Sign 

A 5 x 15-foot outfield fence sign gives season-long exposure. Includes special recognition by PA announcer at each home game, and ten 20-game tickets or 200 single-game tickets (at $5.00 each, a $1,000 Ticket Value). The price of producing the sign is included in this offer. A three-year commitment is expected. 
*Consecutive years are priced at $750 if using the same sign.

Front Fence Sign                                               $600 
A 3’ x 5’ front fence 
(near the field entrance) provides season-long exposure. Includes special recognition by PA announcer at each home game and 100 single-game tickets. 
(a $500 Ticket Value)

Renewal is $450 if using the same sign.

Call to the Bullpen                                           $500
Only 1 available
The sponsor will get P.A. mentions each time a relief pitcher is brought into the game (visiting and home team) for all Winchester Royals home games.

Program Sponsor                                              $100
Includes 1/4 page black and white advertisement in each home game program. Approximately 75 printed per game.

Program Sponsor                                              $175
Includes 1/2 page black and white advertisement in each home game program. Approximately 75 printed per game.